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Why Choose Iron over Aluminum Gates

01/07/2014 Back To Blog

When choosing the gate material, the only thing you should be interested in is its strengths. The material must be strong enough to resist elements, fierce weather and intrusions because the ultimate purpose for residential gate installation is your security. You certainly aim at keeping your pets and children secure within the boundaries of your property and the choice of the right material plays a very significant role to that endeavor.


Although aluminum is a material widely used for many implementations, it is not easily found among gate choices. There is certainly an option of getting aluminum gates but consumers usually go for wrought iron gates despite the big difference in the price. The truth is that there is always a very good reason why some products are more popular than others and when it comes to crucial mechanisms such as residential gates, choosing the proper material would make a tremendous difference.


The big battle: aluminum vs. steel gates

The cheap price of aluminum, which would actually attract the attention of families with very tight budgets, comes as a result of the weakened strengths of the material. It is actually too soft for heavy mechanisms such as gates, which ought to be highly resistant. One single bump with the car and the damage will be tremendous both for your pocket and security. In this sense, you will need gate repair often. The only advantage of aluminum, apart from its low cost, is its property to remain intact during bad weather conditions and does not actually erode. It won't actually require regular maintenance service unless it is dented.


A steel gate is much stronger and will be extremely resistant to rain, moisture and the sun if it's processed accordingly. It's better to pay more for a hot dipped galvanized material and this way you will be sure that it won't rust over the years. Steel, especially materials with powder coat finish, is very strong and will certainly outlast any aluminum gate.

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