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Gate repair and maintenance

Find our easy to understand answers to your questions on gate repair and maintenance. Find out more about swing gate operators and gates and compare them with sliding ones. Time to learn more about gates!

Are there different swing gate operators in the market?

There are three general types of swing gate operators. The swing arm operator which is a box located at gate’s side with an arm extending to the gate; a ram arm operator which is attached to the gate and post and uses either a hydraulic or jackscrew operated piston and underground swing gate operators found on the hinge of the gate; and operates the gate through a link arm.

When is a sliding gate a better option than swing gates?

Sliding gates are generally heavier than swing gates and require more complicated installation process usually necessitating the pouring of concrete footings to keep it securely installed. But in terms of security, sliding gates have the edge because they are heavier and they have a self-locking ability. These gates are also space savers. They are best when you have limited space to allow gates to swing in and out.

What's the purpose of hiring professionals?

Professional maintenance service will help you keep a safe gate system. The experts of Gate Repair in Marina Del Rey have expertise, good equipment and experience. These things matter for any gate service, since pros will ensure the gate is stable and all components in excellent condition.

What's the fail-safe release system?

It's the best way to avoid tragedies in emergencies. It will immediately disengage the electric residential gate openers in times of power cut and the gate can be pushed open from either side and you won't have to use any equipment or mechanism. It can save lives.

How far can wired gate opener accessories be installed?

The maximum wire length for accessories is 1,000 feet. Beyond this length, there is no assurance that things will work as expected. It is the same with the length limit between the transformer to the control box. This is under the assumption that the wire used is the prescribed wire for the gate opener.

What security measures can I use for my gates?

For private gates, investing in good dead bolts and locks can go a long way in deterring most burglaries and break-ins. Keeping your gate well maintained also means that they’re less likely to fail or give in when worse comes to worst. Lighting is crucial as well.

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