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Gate maintenance and repair tips

Read further to learn more about our gate maintenance and repair tips at home.

Basic gate remote rules

The gate clicker is responsible for the operation of your residential gate openers. If it's lost, it would give access to strangers. If it's damaged, it would lock you out. It's wise to keep it safe and away from kids. It would be more important to hide the clicker well if it's a multicode remote, which means it would give access through your gate and garage door.

Gate intercom systems are important

Intercom installation is extremely vital for houses, which are built in a distance from the main entrance of the property but a gate intercom system would actually be useful to most families. There are options and systems of different capacities but as an overall you can have visual and oral contact with those ringing your bell and the capacity to let them in or deny access.

Make the best out of new gate installation

Before new gate installation, make sure you measure the distance between the fence walls properly. Mistakes with the size could cause significant problems. If you install electric residential gate openers, ensure the wires are protected by elements or they would wear soon. If you are constructing the fence now, pick the best spot to install the gate for easy access from the street.

How often should I replace the gates?

The gates are not replaced often unless they are completely destroyed. Your wood or wrought iron gates will need to be replaced if they are not maintained properly as they will erode extensively from weather conditions and the usual wear and tear throughout the years. In this case, your house in Marina Del Rey will not be protected properly as it will be easy to penetrate the premises. If the regular gate repair won't do the job, it might cost less to get a new gate instead.

Follow scheduled routine check-up

Experts say that the intervals for the scheduled routine check-ups are not arbitrary and should be followed. Gate companies recommend the routine maintenance based on the number of years that gates start to wear out, especially with regular use. Follow the schedule for servicing and minimize the wear and tear of your gate.

Cost of automated gate installation

It all depends on the size, style, materials, and additional features that you prefer and need. Our professional gate installer is willing to evaluate your driveway area and offer quotations that will best fit into your budget.

Understand how your automatic gate works

You can ask the gate company responsible for your gate opener installation, or you can spend some time going over manuals or having some research online. It is important that you are familiar with your electric or automatic gate. Familiarize yourself with the way the gate remote works and how the moving parts should behave.

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