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Which Gate - Wood or Metal?

11/19/2013 Back To Blog

When thinking about new gate installation, one of the first things to consider is whether you will have a metal one or a wooden one. Gate Repair Marina Del Rey experts can advise you on which might fit your needs best. There are all sorts of designs available, and you will have to think about your tastes, your needs, and more. First, though, you will need to decide between wood models and metal ones.

Size Matters

If you have a very long and wide driveway, you probably want to consider metal. Wrought iron gates and steel gates are very strong and will hold themselves up over time. A wood gate on a wide driveway will sag as it ages. If the driveway is smaller, a wood gate may suffice.


Since the metal versions are stronger, they will hold up against weather and will wear better than wooden ones. Metal ones, with proper maintenance service, can last for many, many years, compared to wooden models. Wood versions must be protected and will require a lot of maintenance. Wood will be affected by rain and also humidity. Excess moisture can rot the wood and lead to costly repairs. Consider the climate where you are as it will play a role.


Wood gates are much less expensive than their metal counterparts. They also come in several different designs offering the consumer more choices. Those made of metal will cost more, and you may be limited in choice of style design. The advantages, though, of metal are more in the durability and the security that it provides. It is much harder to penetrate a metal gate than it is a wooden one.

Swinging Or Sliding?

You will also want to think about how your doors will open. Common choices are swinging and sliding ones. Also, consider a gate remote system regardless of which opening system you choose. You will save yourself a lot of time with a gate remote, and you won’t get out of your vehicle to manually open and close. Both wood and metal can swing or slide but, again, think about durability, how long and wide your driveway is, and about cost before making a final decision.

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