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Green Gates for Environmental Enthusiasts

11/20/2013 Back To Blog

Mother earth gave people the choice of many natural products but they still chose to make some of their own. Making progress is one thing but denying the renewable sources available in nature is perhaps offending and surely unfair to this planet, which started losing its edge due to people's abuse. Being green is not a matter of being trendy but rather having a consciousness and concern about the future of our children. So, if you have included a new electric steel gate in next year's budget, think whether you can use your money to get a green gate instead. Today, there are choices and manufacturers do their best to develop more green ideas. In this sense, it's good to follow the trends, get advantage of the solar resources and get the latest ecofriendly gates for your new green home.

Gate materials become greener

If you are considering new gate installation and you have spotted a nice wood panel, make sure it's made of wood waste. Forests give oxygen and you wouldn't want them to eventually vanish from the face of the earth in order for us to have beautiful wood gates! Instead, you can choose composite lumber, which will also need reduced maintenance service since it won't require painting and sealing and it is highly resistant to the sun and to moisture.

Solar gate openers

Solar residential gate openers have cells, which collect energy all year around. They will need to be charged for a considerable amount of time, placed at the most sunny part and will cost a little extra but you will practically save over 30% of energy consumption. They basically have no actual differences from an ordinary automatic driveway gate opener and still come with many features. The difference is that you won't have to pay for the energy consumed by electric units and contribute greatly to the common effort to save the planet.

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